Film Screening: The Other Town - Why Do Nations Clash?

Thursday, February 26


Schermerhorn 501

With Filmmaker Nefin Dinç 

Introduced by Christine Philliou

Associate Professor, Dept. of History

"The Other Town" is a documentary film about Turks and Greeks and the source of stereotypes, misunderstandings and prejudices against the "Other." It is about how the stereotypes and misunderstandings are perpetuated in education in a broader sense in Greece and Turkey countries. In this film, we have collaborated with the writer Hercules Millas to see where these prejudices are still coming from even though the last war between the two nations took place about a 100 years ago. We filmed the national celebrations, religious ceremonies and history lessons in both countries throughout a year to find an answer to this question. Our website is You can find the trailer of our film there as well. We also wrote a booklet that will go together with the DVDwhich will be used for conflict resolution.

The film has won the "Audience Award" at Thessaloniki Documentary Film
Festival and the "Best Historical Documentary" at Greek Film Festival,