The Eleventh Beirut Exchange

March 22-29, 2014

Application Deadline I February 28, 2014 : Deadline II March 7, 2014
Limited spaces available/Rolling acceptance

The Beirut Exchange program rests on two tracks:

Academic - Participants will attend a series of lectures and colloquia led by leading academics and public intellectuals in Lebanon. Topics will include: The Arab Uprisings; The Syrian conflict and its regional implications; The Special Tribunal for Lebanon; The United Nations as peacekeeper and mediator; Engaging political Islam; Asymmetrical conflict: The July 2006 Lebanon War; Human Rights in Lebanon and the wider Middle East; Sectarianism and its deployment, as well as a range of other topics.

Dialogue with Leaders - Participants will have the opportunity to meet, listen and engage leading social, political and economic leaders from across the spectrum in Lebanon - with a particular (though not exclusive) emphasis on exposure to Islamist and opposition currents.

NOTE: Due to the current security situation in Lebanon, the Eleventh Beirut Exchange will generally restrict its meetings and activities to the hotel.


Previous Speakers (partial list only):
·Omar Bakri, Iqra Islamic Trust for Research and Islamic Studies
·Bilal Baroudi, As-Salam Mosque Tripoli
·Nicholas Blanford, Times of London
·Richard Chambers, International Foundation for Electoral Systems
·Alastair Crooke, Conflicts Forum
·Abdullah Dardari, Frm. Syrian Arab Republic
·Robert Fisk, The Independent  

·Toufic Gaspard, Economist 

·Hanin Ghaddar, NOW Lebanon 

·Timur Goksel, American University of Beirut 

·Judith Palmer Harik, Matn University 

·Nadim Houry, Human Rights Watch 

·Farid El-Khazen, AUB 

·Rami Khouri, Daily Star & AUB 

·Eli Khoury, Quantum Communications 

·Karim Makdisi, AUB 

·Sayyid Mohammed Marandi, Tehran University 

·Ibrahim Mussawi, Al-Intiqad 

·Omar Nashabe, Al-Akhbar 

·Nir Rosen, Journalist 

·Osama Safa, Lebanese Center for Policy Studies 

·Paul Salem, Carnegie Middle East Center 

·Milos Struger, UNIFIL 

·Fawwaz Traboulsi, AUB

Tuition - $900; Partial financial aid is available for those students and individuals that can demonstrate need. 

Airfare - $400, approximate from the European Union.

At the discretion of the student, tuition is 75% refundable up to one week before the program commences. (Airline tickets and accommodation should be purchased with travel insurance.)

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