The Egyptian Revolution from a Feminist Perspective: Roundtable with Mozn Hassan

Wednesday, March 12

Time: 1:00 -2:00 pm

Location: IAB 402B

Mozn Hassan is an Egyptian Feminist and the head of Nazra for Feminist Studies, an NGO focused on building a feminist movement in Egypt . Hassan's vision is to create a new, young feminist activist movement in Egypt and the region. 

Prior to the initiative in Feminist Studies, Hassan has been involved with various NGOs throughout Egypt. She has also served as a legal researcher for the American University in Cairo for projects on Shari'a, criminal justice and Human Rights in MENA. Outside of her NGO work, she has extensive experience as a trainer and researcher on women's rights issues.

This event is sponsored by SIPA's Gender Policy Working Group, SIPA's Middle East Dialogue Group, and SIPA's Arab Students's Association.