Now Open | Fall 2018 Language Maintenance Tutorial

The Language Maintenance Tutorial (LMT) Program can be extremely beneficial for Columbia’s graduate and professional school students. The LMT program is designed to facilitate students of foreign languages who are looking to maintain (and in so doing, improve) their knowledge of the language. Our tutorials consist of 10 sessions of 90 minutes each, and they are taught by currently enrolled full-time graduate students from the Columbia community. The lesson plans for these tutorials are also personalized, and can be tailored to benefit the specific needs of each student (focusing on specific vocabulary sets, grammar points, etc.). The cost of the tutorial for Columbia students is $650 for Columbia students (plus a $30 application fee).

Registration for Fall 2018 is open from now until September 28th. Tutorials will begin within the first few weeks of October, at the latest. We are looking for students interested in taking tutorials, as well as students with native or near-native proficiency to tutor for us.

For additional information about the program (and about subsidies and grants for the study of certain less-commonly taught languages), please visit the LMT website: Any further questions can be directed to Tylar Ann Colleluori at

LMT for Students - Fall 2018.jpg