Yemen in the Midst of Civil and Regional War: Is There a Way Out?

Wednesday, December 9

Time: 12:10pm - 1:10pm

Location: Room 103 Jerome Greene Hall, Columbia Law School

New York, NY 10027

A discussion with Farea Al-Muslimi, Sanaa Center For Strategic Studies & Carnegie Middle East Center

What went wrong in Yemen and where is it heading? The internationally backed political transition following the 2011 uprising was cited as a successful peaceful transition model, but in September 2014 the Houthis armed militas  took over the capital by force and the  country descended to full-scale civil war with frequent human rights violations by all sides. Saudi Arabia has also intervened heavily, and has often been accused of committing war crimes with its airstrikes. The Saudi intervention has been supported by the United States. What happened to the 2011 peaceful "Arab Spring"? Is there a way out in Yemen and what should and shouldn't the world (especially western powers) do to help get Yemen out of the current turmoil?

This event is sponsored by the Human Rights Institute, Rightslink, the Human Rights Law Review,  Institute for the Study of Human Rights and the Middle East Institute