The Syrian Refugee Crisis in Europe

Thursday, October 1

Time: 8:00pm 

Location: Room 411, Kent Hall 

Columbia University

New York, NY 10027

Tens of thousands of refugees, mostly from Africa and the Middle East, continue to stream into Europe. Many are fleeing civil wars and violence unleashed by dictatorships and sectarian reactionaries in response to the popular uprisings that swept the Middle East and North Africa in 2011. Europe and the United States also bear the blame for the catastrophe that is unfolding, due in no small part to the West's intervention in the region for decades. Due to a dysfunctional asylum process, refugees are risking their lives in the seas, only to be met with militarized borders and riot cops in mainland Europe. 

In contrast to the people's outpouring of support for refugees, governments have vacillated between welcoming and criminalizing them. Join us for a discussion about the current refugee crisis, its roots, the inadequate response of governments, and what refugees and their supporters are doing about it.

We will be joined by an organizer from the MENA Solidarity Network (US) - Syria Refugees Advocacy Project

This event is sponsored by the Barnard Columbia International Socialist Organization.