The Impact of the Lausanne Peace Treaty in the World - A Celebration for the 90th Anniversary

Thursday, November 14

Time: 6-7 PM Light Reception, 7-9 PM Panel and Q&A Session

Location: Lerner Hall Room 555

Confirmed Speakers: Dr. David Cuthell, Amb. Robert Finn, Dr. Christopher Vassilopulos. 

More speakers are expected to be announced in the upcoming days.

The Lausanne Peace Treaty (LPT) has been a significant milestone in the world history. it has reshaped the world as we live in today. The LPT has defined the borders and led to the formation of the very first secular, parliamentary and democratic regime of Republic of Turkey (October 29th, 1923) in the Middle East, Africa and Asia at large. Therefore, it needs to be more acknowledged and studied further on the academic and global levels.

We also aim to emphasize the significance of the LPT as a pioneering model for a Peace Treaty for the World Peace within the general context and philosophy of "Peace at Home, Peace in the World". This is also very relevant to the 2000 UN-Millennium Development Goals#8: Global Partnerships for Development as well as with the Post-2015 Sustainable Millennium Development Goals.

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This event is organized in collaboration with The Light Millennium, an NGO associated with the UN-DPI since 2005 and operating on Web since 1999 .