Amir Vahab Performance


Saturday, October 19

Time: 7:30pm

Location: Lerner Party Space (enter from campus, by 115 Street and Broadway)

Join Amir Vahab and his ensemble for a night of dramatic and musical poetry by Maulana Jalauddin Rumi, also known simply as Rumi.  Rumi was a 13th century Spiritual poet and a Sufi mystic. He is regarded as one of the greatest spiritual masters and poetic intellects. His influence transcends national and ethnic borders - his poems have been translated into many languages and are read throughout the world. Rumi's poems are often described as mystic and love poems and are unique with in Persian Literature due to the depth and richness of the themes they cover.

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Amir Alan Vahab is one of New York's most celebrated and distinguished composer/vocalists of sufi and folk music. He sings in nine different  languages with a unique mystical style. The virtuosos of Amir weave fiery instrumentals and songs of the Ancient land of the Middle East that include Persian, Turkish, Azeri and beyond. The New York Times calls him the ambassador for a silenced music. 

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