Condition Critical: Alice Rothchild in NYC

Condition Critical: Alice Rothchild in NYC

Upper West Side Manhattan, Feb. 8, 7:00 pm: Alice Rothchild speaks at Columbia University "Condition Critical in Gaza: An eyewitness report". Location: Fayerweather Hall Room 313 (East side of campus). Cosponsored by Columbia/Barnard JVP,  Columbia Apartheid Divest, and Students for Justice in Palestine. Facebook page.

Dr. Rothchild, a recently retired obstetrician and long-time rights activist, will also be presenting her new book Condition Critical: Life and Death in Israel/Palestine. The book chronicles the three "health and human rights" delegations she undertook to Israel/Palestine, 2013-2015.

On her latest trip, as in those described in Condition Critical, Dr. Rothchild worked with long-time colleagues in Gaza, East Jerusalem, the rest of the West Bank, and 1948 Israel to investigate the health and rights status of Palestinians and other marginalized communities in the areas controlled by Israel.

Alice, headshotWith Pres. Trump starting to pursue the most pro-settler policy ever, the situation of Palestinians in their historic homeland seems more precarious than at any time since 1948.

Come to hear Dr. Rothchild's deeply well-informed testimony about what she has seen in Gaza and the rest of Israel/Palestine. This is a great way to understand the challenges that Palestinians face at the human/family level-- and to network with others who are working to end Israel's many abuses.