Refugees and the Media

Sponsored by the Faculty of Communication of Marmara University

Call for Papers

Refugees escaping from the civil wars in Libya and Syria to find shelter and safe havens are dominating not only the scenes of the international media but also the agenda of the international community. Data released in 2014 shows that the current refugee crisis is the worst the world has experienced since the Second World War. 

It is necessary, therefore, to take a multidimensional look at the refugee question especially in Turkey in relation to displaced people from the civil war in Syria. To this end, the theme of the Marmara Journal of Communication's 24th issue will be the media and the communication dimension of Turkey's experience with the refugees in the last four years. The Journal is seeking papers and review articles on the following:

  • The media representations of refugees in Turkey 
  • Refugee media in Turkey (owned and operated by refugees)
  • Refugee cinema and Turkey 
  • Refugees, foreign policy and public diplomacy
  • Approaches to news production and refugees
  • Political communication and refugees
  • Refugees' perception of Turkey /Turkey's perception of refugees
  • Production of knowledge by Academia, NGOs and the Media on refugees in Turkey
  • Turkey and refugees in global media
  • Refugees and socio-cultural interaction

Please send your articles via the submission system here. For questions and comments, contact us via email at The application deadline is March 30, 2016.