The Fifth Tunis Exchange Conference

June 10-June 22, 2014

Application Deadline I April 20 / Deadline II May 10

Limited spaces available/Rolling acceptance

Track 1: Academic Seminars. Participants will attend a series of lectures with leading professors and public intellectuals in Tunisia.

Track 2: Dialogue with Leaders. Participants will have the opportunity to meet, listen and engage leading social, political, religious and economic leaders from across the spectrum in Tunisia.

Track 3: Two-Day Conference and Cultural Day June 13-15. Included in the tuition for the program, Tunis exchange students will participate in a two-day conference at the Ambassadeurs Hotel focusing on the upcoming elections in Tunisia and the wider political situation in the region. The conference will feature speeches and discussions led by a range of Tunisian politicians, activists, intellectuals and academics, including but not limited to (preliminary confirmations): Hamadi Jbeili, Kamal Morjane, Maya Jreibi, Adnan Hajji, Lubna Jreibi, Meherzia Laabidi, Youssef Seddik,Sihem Ben Saddrine, Hama Hammami and a number of other figures. Alumni of previous Exchanges, as well as selected members of the general public, will be invited to register for the two-day conference.


In order to encourage the most open discussion possible, the conference will be held under Chatham House rules and will therefore be off the record and closed to the press.