The Arabic Circle

Tuesday, March 4

Time: 6:00-7:30 p.m.

Location: Room 207 Knox Hall

قسم دﺩرﺭ اﺍس ا تﺕ اﺍلشرقﻕ اﺍلأوﻭسط وﻭج نوبﺏ آﺁس ﯿﻴا وﻭ إﺇفر ﯾﻳقﯿﻴا
Middle Eastern South Asian and African Studies 

مدع ﮭﻬدﺩرﺭ اﺍس ا تﺕ اﺍلشرقﻕ اﺍلأوﻭسط

Middle East Institute

اﺍلحَلَقة اﺍلعرَبﯿﻴَّة

The Arabic Circle

اﺍملوضوعﻉ: قر اﺍءةﺓ ع ناوﻭ ﯾﻳن اﺍلأخ بارﺭ

Invites you to its fifth meeting

Topic: Arabic Music

Moderated by Prof. Wijdan Absi

Refreshments will be served