Call for Papers - 2nd Graduate Workshop in Ottoman Studies at the University of Oxford

"The Ottoman Empire in the Age of Modernity: Political and Cultural Representations"

May 9, 2014

The Ottoman Studies Group at Oxford (OSGO), in cooperation with Ertegun House and the Middle East Center (MEC) at St. Antony's College, is delighted to announce that the second graduate workshop in Ottoman Studies will be held at the University of Oxford on May 9, 2014. This workshop, titled "The Ottoman Empire in the Age of Modernity: Political and Cultural Representations,"intends to provide a forum for graduate students in Ottoman studies to present their research, exchange ideas, and develop scholarly networks.

The workshop aims to address political and cultural issues by bringing together an international and multi-disciplinary group of scholars. By focusing on the broad theme of "representation," the workshop seeks for an interdisciplinary re-thinking of social, political, cultural, and visual history of the nineteenth century Ottoman Empire. We invite papers on a broad range of topics related to the theme of "representation," including, but not limited to:

1.     Theoretical discussions of the concept of representation.

2.     Representations in Ottoman historiography.

3.     Literary representations, intellectual movements and debates.

4.     Rethinking national identity and citizenship.

5.     Representations of the "other" in Ottoman society.

6.     Orientalism and "self-orientalism" in the late Ottoman Empire.

7.     Self-representation and individual/collective image-making.

8.     Representations of gender and sexuality.

9.     Visual representations: architecture, cinema, painting, photography, and cartography.

Presentations should be 20 minutes.

Please send your 300-word abstract including a paper title, with your affiliation, and a biographical statement (max. 100 words) to the Organizing Committee by March 9, 2014 to

Accepted participants will be informed by March 24, 2014.

The exact programme of the workshop will be announced by April 11, 2014.

For additional information, please visit or contact us at