Arabic Language Courses at the Lebanese American University in NYC

The New York Headquarters and Academic Center of the Lebanese American University (LAU) is offering its first Arabic language semester in its midtown Manhattan facility.

The credits of the Arabic courses are fully transferable for matriculating and non-matriculating students at all degree levels. Both beginner and advanced courses will be offered with one in Lebanese dialect, which prepares students to communicate verbally and with confidence in all the countries of the Levant (Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Jordan).

All classes will be offered during evening or weekend hours in order to accommodate busy schedules. The classes will be small in order to afford each student individual attention and engaged participation, and they will employ a faculty of native speakers who specialize in reading, writing, and verbal communication.

The course list is available on the following link: The LAU NYC academic center is located at 211 East 46th Street, New York, NY10017-2935.

For further information contact Mrs. Samantha Kostmayer at (917) 497-8914.