Films at MoMA

The Square

Sunday, January 12

This journalistic yet personal story follows the Egyptian revolution from its roots in Tahrir Square in 2011 through the summer of 2013, from the public protests demanding the ouster of President Mubarak to the army's subsequent ouster of his successor, Mohammad Morsie, and the resulting actions for and against the Muslim Brotherhood. 

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When I Saw You

January 15 - 22

The Jordan-based filmmaker's second feature, When I Saw You, is set in 1967, when tens of thousands of refugees from Palestine poured into camps in Jordan. Amid the chaos of war, 11-year-old Tarek is separated from his father. Stranded with his mother (an impressive Ruba Blal) in the confined space of the Harir camp, the free-spirited Tarek soon bolts into the surrounding forest in search of his father. His mother follows, and their journey toward home becomes a deeply affecting search for freedom.   

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