Musical Performance Amir ElSaffar and Rivers of Sound

Sponsored by Alwan for the Arts

Friday, October 14

8:00 pm

Pioneer Works

59 Pioneer Street

Brooklyn, NY 11231

Rivers of Sound is a large ensemble of instrumentalists from Western and Middle Eastern traditions, which explore the confluences of a musical language and transcend notions of tradition and style. In performing Not Two, an original composition by Amir ElSaffar, each musician interacts with the group through both improvised and composed material to create a novel composite sound.


Amir ElSaffar, trumpet/santur
Carlo DeRosa, acoustic bass
Aruan Ortiz, piano
Dena ElSaffar, violin/jowza
Fabrizio Cassol, alto saxophone
George Ziadeh, oud/vocals
Jason Adasiewicz, vibraphone
JD Parran, bass saxophone/clarinet
Miles Okazaki, guitar
Mohammed Saleh, oboe/English horn
Naseem AlAtrash, cello
Nitin Mitta,table
Nasheet Waits, drums
Ole Mathisen, tenor saxophone/soprano saxophone
Rajna Swaminathan, mridangam
Tareq Abboushi, buzuq
Tim Moore, percussion/dumbek/frame drum
Zafer Tawil, percussion/oud

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