Is Islam a Religion?: Islamophobia, Public Discourse, and the Idea of Religion

Wednesday, October 22
6:00 PM - 7:45 PM
Union Theological Seminary, Columbia University.

This panel will provide an overview of common patterns in Islamophobic and anti-Muslim discourse. It will then explore this discourse's political underpinnings, its impact on public and academic teaching about Islam, and the challenges it poses to the concept of 'religion' itself and the role of religion in public life.

Ms. Linda Sarsour (Executive Director, the Arab American Association of New York), "Islamophobia in Public Discourse"

Dr. Ermin Sinanović (Director of Research and Academic Programs, International Institute of Islamic Thought), "Political Underpinnings of Islamophobia Discourse"

Dr. Jerusha T. Lamptey (Assistant Professor of Islam and Ministry, Union Theological Seminary), "Responding to Islamophobia in Public and Academic Settings"

Dr. John J. Thatamanil (Associate Professor of Theology and World Religions, Union Theological Seminary), "The Idea of 'Religion' and Its Implications for Public Life"

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