The "Through Surveillance" Book Party

Thursday, December 5

Time: 12:30 pm

Location: Knox Hall Room 208 (606 West 122nd Street)

Join the Center for Palestine Studies and Middle East Institute to celebrate the launch of Thorough Surveillance, the new book by Arcapita Visiting Professor in Arab Studies Ahmad Sa 'di, on Israel's expertise in techniques of surveillance and political control.

Israel has been successful in controlling a native population for a long time. Despite tremendous challenges, it has maintained a tight grip over a large Palestinian population in the territories it occupied in the 1967 war.

We will also celebrate this year's publishing of works by several other Middle East Institute faculty members, including:

Nadia Abu-El Haj

Lila Abu-Lughod

Hamid Dabashi

Wael Hallaq

Rashid Khalidi

Timothy Mitchell

This event is sponsored by the Center for Palestine Studies and Middle East Institute.