MENA Dissertation Workshop "The Palestinian Women's and Nationalist Movements: A History of Cooperation & a Future of Challenging Partnership"

Monday, November 11

Time: 12 - 2pm

Location: 208 Knox Hall

Discussant: Dr. Azza Karam

Ihab AlDaqqaq, Columbia University School of Social Work will discuss his dissertation chapter titled "The Palestinian Women's and Nationalist Movements: A History of Cooperation & a Future of Challenging Partnership." 

This study explores and analyzes the relationship between Palestinian Women's Movement(s) (PWMs) and the Palestinian Nationalist Movement (PNM). A closer look at the descriptive research about (PWMs) indicates that both movements were perceived by some Palestinian activists as well as scholars who explored Palestinian nationalism as though they were one entity. Here, we address questions about the nature of women's activism in Palestine and seek to assess to what extent this organizing and mobilization form a social movement, particularly ones that focus on factions' dynamics, funding dynamics, perceptions and relationships issues, leadership features and religion dynamics among other issues.

Taking into consideration the specificity of women's movements in a nation that continues to be under military occupation, this research draws on a number of theories, including resource mobilization and resource dependence as well as political opportunity theories. The research is rooted in extensive interviews with former and current women activists, in addition to chief executive officers (CEOs) of Palestinian women's movement(s) organizations located in the West Bank, Palestine. Moreover, the researcher utilizes thematic analysis. This study is among very few that seeks to shed light on women's activism in Palestine "West Bank and East Jerusalem" through the eyes of a Palestinian-born man who was raised therein and is an integral part of the cultural and academic fabric of that land.

Lunch will be provided courtesy of the Middle East Institute.