12:30 pm12:30

"Report from Women of Iraq"

  • Dag Loung (6th floor) International Affairs Building, Columbia University

Presented by the Middle East Institute and The Institute for Research on Women and Gender.

Cultural Heritage and Human Rights Under Fire by Nermin Al-Mufty and Amal Al-Khedairi

Nermin Al-Mufty received her B.A. in Journalism at University of Baghdad. She is currently a full time journalist with the CNN office in Baghdad. Amal Al-Khedairi has devoted her life entirely to the arts. In 1988, she opened an art and cultural center in Baghdad in her family home, where she features the works of contemporary Iraqi artists. 

4:00 pm16:00

"Building Civil Society: A Report on the Independence Press in Morocco" with guest Aboubakr Jamai

  • Dag Lounge (6th floor) International Affairs Building, Columbia University

Presented by the Middle East Institute of Columbia University and International Media and Communications at SIPA.

Mr. Jamai is the publisher of Le Journal Hebdomadaire, Morocco's first independent newsweekly. He is a recipient of the Committee to Protect Journalists 2003 International Press Freedom Award for his courage in reporting on "government corruption, corporate impropriety and taboo political topics." 

6:00 pm18:00

Documentary Film: "Road 181: Fragments of a Journey in Palestine-Israel"

  • Miller Theater, Columbia University

The Society of Fellows in the Humanities' Invitation
to the U.S Premiere.

6:00 pm Film showing Fragment 1: The South
8:00 pm Film showing Fragment 2: The Center
9:30 pm Discussion with Directors
Road 181 is the first film jointly directed by a Palestinian and an Israeli. It will be followed by a discussion with theDirectors, chaired by Joseph Massad, Columbia University

Sponsored by the Society of Fellows in the Humanities, the Center for Comparative Literature and Society, Middle East and Asian Literatures and Culture, the Middle East Institute and ArteEast. 

12:30 pm12:30

"New Beginnings? Ethnic Relations in Israel in the Wake of the Or Commission Report" by Dan Rabinowitz

  • 1118 International Affairs Building, Columbia University

Dan Rabinowitz, an anthropologist, is a senior lecturer in sociology and anthropology at Tel-Aviv University. A regular contributor to the op-ed page of Haaretz, he is a leading commentator on politics, environmental issues and society in Israel and the Middle East. 

12:30 pm12:30

Feminist Perspectives in Contemporary Arab Debates with Prof. Elizabeth Kassab

  • 1134 International Affairs Building, Columbia University

Presented by the Human Rights Program and The Middle East Institute

Cultural Critique and Cultural Malaise.
Department of Middle East and Asian Languages and Cultures

Professor Kassab will present and discuss the feminist contributions to the issues of cultural malaise and cultural critique that have dominated Arab debates for the last century. How and where is the “Woman Question” located in the colonial and post- colonial discourse? What are the critical contributions of feminists concerning post-colonial and post-independence tensions? 

12:30 pm12:30

"Face to Face with Political Islam" by Francois Burgat

  • 1118 International Affairs Building, Columbia University

Dr. Burgat is currently chargé de recherches at the Centre National Francais pour la Recherche Scientifique. He was the director of the French Center for Yemeni Studies. He has written extensively on political and ideological change in Islamic movements in the contemporary Arab world, as well as on Muslims in Europe and the West. He is the author, most recently, of Face to Face with Political Islam. 

12:30 pm12:30

"The Current Situation in Iraq: An Iraqi Journalist's View" with Najem Wali

Writer, Journalist, and translator, Najem Wali was born in Al- Amarah (Iraq) in 1956. He currently lives in Hamburg, where he is a reporter for Al-Hayat, the largest Arab Newspaper. He published a number of novels and collection of short stories, among which "A Place named Koweit," which is the portrait of contemporary Iraq during the Gulf War.