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TALK | Islamic Movements in Saudi Arabia

  • 1118 International Affairs Building, Columbia University (map)

By Pascal Ménoret

Presented in cooperation with the Alliance Program

The author of the recent book The Saudi Enigma,Pascal Ménoret will discuss the recent history of Saudi Islamic movements, from the emergence of Muslim Brother activism in the 1960s, the religious and cultural developments of the 80s, the politicization and repression of the 90s, and the recent reformulations of Islamic “activist capital,” from violent militancy to electoral participation. Ménoret explores the multiple purposes of Saudi Islamic movements, analyzing the various strategies they use to get around the authoritarian closure of the public space and the “top-down modernization” schemes imposed by the Saudi state.

Pascal Menoret is a Research Associate at the French Center for Archaeology and Social Sciences in Sana‘a, Yemen. He has worked at the French Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and served as an advisor to the Minister’s Board at the French Ministry of Communication and Culture.