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Bahrain: An Eyewitness Account of an Ongoing Revolution

  • 501 Northwest Corner Building, Columbia University (map)

A talk by Radhika Sainath
Moderated by Professor Hossein Kamaly

Sponsored by the Middle East Institute and American Council for Freedom in Bahrain.

Over the past year, tens of thousands of Bahrainis, inspired by the Arab Spring movements in Tunisia and Egypt, have taken to the streets in an attempt to win democracy and respect for their human rights. The regime responded by killing over 80 people, detaining thousands and beginning a campaign of retribution against anyone supporting or participating in protest. Radhika Sainath, a civil rights attorney, was able to gain entry and will discuss her experience and document the regime's epression of democracy activists. 

Radhika is a human rights activist with experience in conflict zones and has supported democracy movements in Mexico, Pakistan, Palestine and the Philippines.

Co-sponsors include: 
Witness Bahrain, Campaign for Peace & Democracy, Global Justice Working Group at Occupy Wall Street, Coalition to Defend the Egyptian Revolution