Language Circles

Persian Circle

The Persian Conversation Hour is a weekly opportunity for Persian-speaking students of all levels to meet and interact with each other, instructors, TAs, and native Persian speakers from the local community. Learners of all levels are welcome so long as they have some proficiency, however basic, in Persian language. The subject of conversation is entirely free and determined by the participants, their skill levels and their interests. The conversation is often broken up into smaller groups when practicing with learners of a similar level is more beneficial. Refreshments are served.

Fall 2019 Semester: the Persian Circle meets every Thursday at 11:00pm in Knox 207.

Arabic Circle

The Halaqa ʿArabiyya (Arabic Circle) provides extra language practice for Arabic language students in a conversational setting. Its core group of 5-11 attendees is composed of Columbia University and Barnard College students as well as some non-university affiliated individuals. The Arabic Circle is primarily held in Modern Standard Arabic, with some use of the Shami, Egyptian and Tunisian dialects.

Fall 2019 Semester: the Arabic Circle meets every week. The time and date will be published shortly.