The Jerusalem Project

The Jerusalem Project

The Center for Palestine Studies (CPS) initiated the Jerusalem Project as a research and learning tool on the past and future of Jerusalem. The project includes course offerings, workshops, guest lectures, and an extensive digital archive housed on the CPS website. Several programs were introduced in the Spring of 2017.


Jerusalem Archives at Columbia

The CPS website is now home to an extensive digital archive dedicated to issues pertaining to Jerusalem. The archive includes historical newspapers such as al-Quds (1908-1914)—the first private newspaper, published between 1904-1914. al-Quds newspaper is available in its entirety on the CPS site. In addition, the full archives of the Jerusalem Quarterly (IPS—the only journal dedicated to the history and current status of the city), and a collection of historic maps (most notably Riwaq’s Jerusalem cartographic survey) have been added to the site. More collections will be added including, Jerusalem Calling (archival material from Radio Jerusalem during the British Mandate). Further expansion of the cartographic collection, with links to worldwide collections, as well as a postcard collection is underway. 

Tamer Manhood, CPS administrator, and researcher Myra Rahim (Bard College) undertook the digitization and organization of this archive. Myra is currently preparing a number of thematic monographs derived from JQ material on the subjects of Jerusalem biographies, pilgrimage, residency, sex and gender issues, and surveillance.

Jerusalem Embattled

This workshop on April 18th, 2017 examined issues of contested space and gender. Professor Vincent Lemire (IFPO, Paris) discussed his work on the history of the Moroccan Quarter and its archives. Sarah Ihmoud (UCLA) presented her research on gender and violence in the old city, with reference to her research on Marabitat women in the haram area. A special panel in the workshop discussed the archives of the Moroccan quarter in Nantes and Algeria, presented by Vincent Lemire. 

Salim Tamari

Salim Tamari

Jerusalem: The Worldly and Imagined City

Arcapita Visiting Professor Salim Tamari, offered “Jerusalem: The Wordly and Imagined City,” a graduate seminar in Spring 2017. The course included research papers on the history of Jerusalem by Columbia and NYU students. Tamari also gave a special public lecture on “Jerusalem Endowments and Family Waqf,” based on a forthcoming book on landed properties in Jerusalem (forthcoming IPS publication, co-authored with Munir Fakhr Eddin, December 2017).

The Jerusalem Committee

The programs and activities of the Jerusalem Project were coordinated by several faculty members of CPS and MEI and visiting scholars including, Lila Abu-Lughod (Anthropology), Nadia Abu El-Haj (Anthropology), Rashid Khalidi (History), Nora Akawi (GSAPP), Brian Boyd (Anthropology) and Brinkley Messick (Anthropology, MEI); Astrid Benedek (MEI Associate Director), Tamer Manhood (CPS Administrator) and Myra Rahim (CPS Research Assistant); Visiting members included Sobi Sammour (Abu-Lughod Fellow), Suad Amiry (Riwaq), Alex Winder (NYU and Brown University), and Salim Tamari.